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Melbourne Cycling League is an incorporated cycling club, affiliated with Cycling Victoria.

We welcome anyone, young or old, male or female , to join Melbourne Cycling League. One of the clubs primary points of differentiation is a desire to create a networked community of people with a passion for riding a bike, whoever you are.

Cycling culture is unique, it is one that is as social as it can be competitive. Social connections are increasingly important in developing networks, and as a result more and more connections are being made on the road.

Melbourne Cycling League recognises this and provides a formal club environment in which business and the pleasure of riding a bike can be mixed.

Melbourne Cycling League is innovative, connected, engaged and an influential voice in Melbourne cycling. We host regular events both on and off the road. Membership categories range from Elite to Recreational catering for all rider abilities. Social memberships are also available.

The bulk of member fees are paid to Cycling Australia and Cycling Victoria. Melbourne Cycling League will cap its portion of membership fees at $25 across all categories.

We like racing, but we also respect many clubs have this offering and do it well. At MCL, we like to create races in new and exciting locations, supporting the existing racing culture in Melbourne. MCL members with a racing license are able to race at other club criteriums, certain winter combine/club races and open events.

We’re always up for a chat, so if you have any questions please let us know at , or follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with everything cycling.

Join Us

We have several membership options available to suit your circumstances.

A primary difference between the racing/recreation and social memberships is the inclusion of insurance provided by Cycling Australia when you take out a racing/recreation membership.

Full details of the insurance inclusions can be found here.

In each instance, Melbourne Cycling League caps the club portion of the fee to $25.

Never Been A Club Member –

If you’ve never been a member of another cycling club joining is simple, just click here and choose Melbourne Cycling League from the ‘Club’ dropdown menu and select your required membership type.

Used To Be A Club Member –

If you have been a member of another club in the past, then your membership record will need to be transferred to Melbourne Cycling League before you can pay for your membership. Whilst this is not difficult, it involves a few more steps. In the first instance, you will need to complete the transfer form located here.

Simply complete your details and email a copy of the form to and we will chase up any counter-signatures that may be required and notify you once your record has been transferred across after which you can formally join via the button above.

Currently A Club Member –

If you are currently a member of another club you’ll need to transfer to Melbourne Cycling League by completing the transfer form located here .

Please Note – Cycling Australia may charge a $50 transfer fee for members who are currently paid up members of another club wishing to transfer, pending on what time of year you wish to transfer.

A few clubs require transferring members to have the transfer form counter-signed by them to authorise your transfer, so in some instance you may need facilitate this. 

As a social member of Melbourne Cycling League, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the social and networking aspects of the club, however not be covered by the insurance made available via the Cycling Australia racing or recreational licenses. 

A social membership is perfect for those who don’t ride, but who wish to have a formal association with Melbourne Cycling League, or people who may want to retain a membership with another club.

The cost of a Social Memberships is $75. To join as a social member, simply go to the club store here and complete the relevant details.