General Manager - Orthodontics

Current Bike

Standert kreissäge 2nd cut, rolling Campag Chorus and Featherlight Elysian wheels. Massive thanks to Ken from AHP for helping me dial everything in!

Favourite World Tour Rider

Favourite world tour rider: Taylor Phinney - great well-rounded rider, moustache dreams and one of the most random Instagram accounts you’ll see.

Riding Crew

Usually ride with a good bunch of mates who know when to punish themselves and when to roll for a laugh, some who believe they have reached Instagram fame but relates to nothing on the road, and they get confused when people don’t recognise them at the cafe. All in all my mental health owes a lot to my riding pals and I can’t thank them enough for the years of friendship, even those people I don’t ride with all that often.

Regular Loop

Love my Friday morning loop around the inner eastern burbs, brings a few groups of guys together and is one of my favourite hour-long loops because you don’t really stop for the majority.

Most Memorable Ride

My most memorable ride would be a dirty dandies loop from a few years ago, a bunch of people came and there were a few classic stitch-ups including 20% mud climbs and a heap of ruts. Parts of the Dandies I’ve never seen before. Smashed 2 breakfasts at the top of the hills and had to crack a beer once I got home to relieve the dehydration.

Bucket List Ride

Definitely Tokyo to Kyoto via the coast and mountains of Hakone/Mt Fuji area. Do it in a week to allow the optimal ride to Asahi ratio.

Other hobbies/side hustles

Currently filling my time by getting an Orthodontic startup called NewSmile off the ground as well as bringing the Salty Social Club to life, which is a sports brand for everyone! Frothing to release more products but ordered a few too many bottles which I need to clear first or I’ve been told I’ll come home and the locks will have changed. I have spent more of this year surfing and running than I have cycling but I currently can’t run and the winds are up so it’s been great to get back on the bike!